About Us

We are a team of graphic designers who share the same vision and passion for our work. Each one of us has provided the different key elements that now 032 stands for.

Since the beginning of this project, each team member took a graphic design and visual communication area to lead, and those areas are now offered as part of our studio professional services.

At first the idea was to create our own production and digital press workshop for internal use only so we can offer our clients an integral service; from the conceptual sketching, through the different design stages and revisions, up to the printing of the final product and therefore completing the circle. But almost immediately decided to open the doors of our production workshop to other important graphic design and advertising agencies, so we can join efforts, and each agency can finally give to their own customers, the best quality in digital printing (always supervised by the agencies themselves and by us here at 032), also offering excellent deadline commitment, and with the clear idea of a local standardization in terms of production costs in mind.

We believe that we are living in a world where sharing knowledge, experience and projects among fellow designers and advertising agencies, rather than weakening us as single competitors, it makes us stronger as a professional community in search for the same goals, which also helps to the re-appreciation of our profession.

We enjoy being part of this professional alliance. At the end, its a win-win situation for all of us.