Animal Rights Supporters

As a company, we know that we should not let our personal feelings get in the way of our professional development. But sometimes the line between these two terms is so thin that we simply can not do so, especially when passion and inspiration are essential tools for each of the projects we do.

That's why as a company (and as human beings who work in it), we declare ourselves completely in favor of Animal Rights, and therefore we have decided not to support, promote, or participate in creating designs, events, websites, advertising campaigns or events that promote violence against animals, or threaten their lifes for entertainment or "tradition" purposes (as in the case of bullfighting and cockfighting shows, which are currently legal in our country), or promote animal training for fun or entertainment involving abuse, beatings and severe punishments, all these without providing the proper care and attention needed for a good quality of life (as in the case of circuses with animals).

On the other side, we make an open invitation to all people, companies or institutions that share the same ideology, to contact us and see how we can join effort and help in any project, always defending Animal Rights. We know that together we can help spread awareness and see a real change.

For a world without violence, for our animals and for ourselves.