Eco-Friendly Offices

Like many people are already doing, we also try to do our part in taking care of our environment, so we have made some simple yet effective adjustments in our office so that the environmental impact we left while working here at our design studio and workshop, remains as low as possible.

In order to achieve that goal, we separate our trash into 5 different groups: organic waste, aluminum, plastics, paper, and tonner cartridges (these 2 last groups are the ones we generate the most). Since our city is not completely ready for the proper recovering, separation and recycling process for the daily waste, we decided to follow a program called "Reciclatón", currently held by our city government, where once a month they collect at certain points, many recyclable items like all of our plastic, paper and tonner cartridges for optimal recycling, while all the aluminum (mostly soda cans) are donated to a low income person, these items are sold and they generate a small profit for this person. For now, the organic waste is collected on site by municipal cleaning services, but we are currently working on a project to create a bio-composting system in our own roof.

We have also installed in some parts of our office, a natural daylight system based on special solar domes with high reflective tubes that carry light while magnifying it, reducing significantly our power usage.

We know that maybe all this is not enough, but if many people could join us, we would see a real change.