Activism for Homeless Animals

Here at 032 we believe that a company remains incomplete until they donate part of their work, time or effort in favor of a social cause. We also know that there are different causes that need support, but we have decided to support specially one, because we believe is the last in the list of priorities our country society, because those affected have no voice.

We have decided to help animals, especially stray dogs and cats. Fight for their right to have a good life, without any abuse, pain or suffering. We have decided to be their voice and to speak loud for them.

Regardless of what we can contribute professionally to some animal protection associations through sponsorships of both graphic design and production of promotional material, we are also involved in a very personal way by rescuing stray animals by ourselves, spaying and neutering, taking care of them, giving them a foster home, food and affection, as we find a permanent home for them. Thats why it's normal to see now and then a temporary four-legged team member running all over the office... and we always ask ourselves, "Who is thanking who?".

We ask you to please consider involving your company in supporting one of the many social causes in need. You will see that all the effort given, is nothing compared to the great satisfaction received.