Social Causes Sponsorship

Once a month (or more if it's within our reach), we assign a certain amount of time, work and production material to support a specific cause that may be in need of some of our services for help.
They are usually in support of private scenarios where a person or family, in a very unfortunate twist of fate, are left without sufficient financial ability to face a serious situation, and a small fundraising event could come in handy.

In these cases, we have decided to help by designing and printing material such as flyers, raffle tickets or sweepstakes at no cost at all, as it is one of the most feasible ways to help in these kinds of circumstances, encouraging others to join effort and try to provide something that could help the person in need to generate some funds so we can all help make all this situation more bearable.

We call it sponsorship, even though it doesn't really carry any commercial or promotional purpose on our part. That is, we do not require our brand or logo to be listed or published. We do this selflessly to the cause, and is completely altruistic in nature.

There is a popular saying in spanish; "Hoy por ti, mañana por mi" (Today you, tomorrow me), and we really believe in it because we would love to receive some help too when we are the ones in need.